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Standard Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Power Distribution Unit, or PDU in short, is an essential component in the racking system as it disseminates power from the input source to the various equipments housed in the cabinets.
Standard PDU exists in 6ways, 8ways and 12ways where ‘ways’ refer to the number of sockets provided in the power strip.

Type of Commonly Input Plugs

Input plug is the point of transition from the output source of site to the input source of the PDUs in the cabinet.
Common input plugs include the household type 3pin 13A UK plug (BS1363), 15A 3pin plug typically used in airconditioning
system (BS546A), IEC C14 and C20 plug for C13 and C19 sockets respectively (IEC320), 16A and 32A industrial Cee-form plug (IEC60309).